About Us

We know that everybody has their favourite pick-me-up when an all-nighter comes around. What
started out as an idea born during a late-night study session with yet another cup of coffee has now
become a creative, collaborative, community-focused company with a passion for music and people.

At the heart of our business are Gareth – the coffee connoisseur – and Teddy – the event aficionado
– but we’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside several other talented creatives in order to
build our brand.

Our Mission

Here at Late Knight Coffee, we source our beans ethically and work closely with our roaster to
ensure the highest quality of the final product.

But that’s not the only thing we keep at heart: we work with an ethos of reciprocity, with the
objective of creating a community that nurtures rising talent.

When the pandemic hit, we saw, first hand, the impact it had on up-and-coming artists, and we
wanted to play our part in (counteracting) those effects. That’s why part of the generated profits will
be put towards organising live events, sponsoring artistic projects, and helping creators achieve their

Buying our coffee not only supports the farmers who put so much love and effort into their beans,
but presents a new generation of creatives with a chance to take their turn in the limelight.